Hello! My name is Marta Falęta, I am a physiotherapist and I will help you regain full fitness.

I graduated from the Faculty of Physiotherapy, Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław. After graduation, I started a journey through the world of rehabilitation. I gained knowledge and experience in Poland and abroad. Finally, I landed in the United States, California, at Kaiser Hospital, where I did a 9-month internship at the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, learning the PNF method. Later, I gained experience in Australia and Great Britain, where I discovered the Joseph Pilates method. Since then, my professional passion has become clinical Pilates, which they use as one of the methods in the treatment of patients with orthopedic and neurological diseases.




My specializations


Techniques and methods used by the therapist to maintain or restore the patient’s health. In the process of healing, I use movement and other natural physical factors.


The method of searching for the possibilities of the body is a movement concept for everyone. It is a combination of yoga asanas and manual techniques aimed at the neuromuscular system.


The name of the method comes from the name of its creator Joseph Pilates. Physiotherapists recognize “PILATES” as one of the safest methods of rehabilitation and a perfect supplement to training.