“After 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference; after 20, you’ll see the difference, and after 30, you’ll have a completely new body.” – Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883. He was a very sickly child, which led to his lifelong goal of being “physically stronger.” He devoted his entire life to improving the body’s structure. He studied martial arts, yoga, and tai chi, eventually becoming a professional boxer, gymnast, and skier. He was also a passionate anatomist. Initially, Pilates referred to his exercise method as “Contrology.” These were sets of rehabilitative exercises designed to restore the balance of the body and mind, long before doctors recognized the importance of exercise for health.

In 1926, Joe emigrated to the United States. During his journey, he met a nurse named Clara, whom he later married. In New York, Joseph and Clara set up their first gym in their apartment, located on Eighth Avenue in New York, right next to where ballet dancers practiced. Their apartment soon filled up with exercise equipment they had designed and built themselves – early prototypes of the modern reformer and cadillac. Pilates started working with renowned dancers, such as George Balanchine and Martha Graham, who sent their ballerinas to him for rehabilitation. Later, Hollywood stars, including Katharine Hepburn and Sir Laurence Olivier, followed.

The couple continued to develop the method until Joseph’s passing in 1967. Afterward, Clara, known as an excellent Pilates teacher, ran the exercise studio independently for another 10 years.

Today, “Pilates” is a billion-dollar industry, but more importantly, it is an excellent training method for anyone looking to get in shape and improve their body.